Know about the innovative NGO named Cottage by the Sea, one of the best Australian Children Charities


We all are creation of God and everybody is equally special and precious, but not all people are equally fortunate. One who has all types of god gifted and materialistic opportunities should help disadvantaged people with proper encouragements, care and most importantly love.

There are many national and international ventures those are working to help and empower disadvantaged people and Cottage by the Sea is one of them. The primary objective of this special organization is to help every young people with inspiration, opportunities and unleashed fun activities and the vision is all about providing a healthy and happy childhood to every single child.

The ultimate goals of Cottage by the sea: 

Inspirations can do magic to lives, so, the main objective of this one of the acclaimed Australian Children Charities is to inspire young minds to bloom with new ideas and innovations. The playtime or fun time of the kids is the main time that can help children to get refreshed and energized. Various learning campaigns and counseling facilities are also helping the children to increase self-esteem and confidence and also helping to reduce depression in youth and teenagers.

Programs planned by Cottage by the sea: 

Cottage by the sea is one of the most genuine Children’s charities Melbourne. Various types of camp programs are organized to stimulate the physical and mental stability of the students. If you are interested to help us, then you can give whatever you want to give and your donations will help us to continue these camps and programs each and every year. Educational programs and other trainings are continuously stimulating the children’s mind and all members are passionately working to nurture the minds of them.

Every child is special, so, help them to be special with the association of one of the best Australian Children Charities and live their dreams. For further enquiry or details, visit .


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